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Past activities on the project Light pollution in Croatia

The discussion about LP in Croatia was initiated in 1993. when one of us wrote a popular article about LP that was published in the magazine "Čovjek i Svemir" (Man and the Universe).

At 2002. Višnjan School of Science (S3) one group was devoted to the study of LP. Several experiments studying the effects of artificial light on plants and insects were carried out. A mobile LP measurement device based on an upward looking CCD camera mounted on a car roof was devised and tested. The experiments with the camera were continued during the 2002. Višnjan School of Astronomy but the results were only completed in the next year.

At 2003. Višnjan School of Science (S3) experiments with the mobile CCD camera were finished, and the first analysis of LP of the Istria peninsula was made. Also, the propagation of LP was studied in some detail.

At 2006. Višnjan School of Astronomy the Sky Quality Meter (SQM) was used for the first time. Several locations on the Istria peninsule were visited and the LP was for the first time measured quantitatively. Also, all-sky images vere taken at those locations, thus completing the characterisation of selected sites.

At 2007. Višnjan School of Astronomy all lighting fictures in the town of Višnjan were catalogised, a detailed LP map of Višnjan was constructed and LP near the light sources was investigated. Also, the first LP map of the Republic of Croatia was produced by using a statistical model based on Walker's law and population census data. The results of this model can be found in the Download section.


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