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The Light pollution observatory (LPO)

Hrvatske stranice


The Light pollution observatory, or LPO for short, is devoted to the study of light pollution. The observatory continues on the previos work on light pollution that was carried on in cooperation with Visnjan Educational Center. This cooperation dates back into the last decade of the 20th century. At that time we all felt the need to obtain and secure for the future a record of the level of LP at the most isolated places in Croatia and give it at least a basic scientific foundation. We also wanted to create and improve semianalythical (SAM) models of light pollution. Last, but not least, there was, and still is, a great need to raise public awareness of this serious environmental problem and to educate future experts in this field.

Research stuff:

Željko Andreić, Ph.D.

Indramani Sharma,

Krešimir Pavlić, Ph.D. (till 2016.)


The Perseid meteor shower night, in a time-lapse movie.


The solar eclipse of the March 20th, 2015. as observed from the faculty roof. (in croatian)


Data about LP in Croatia


A short history of our LP activities


Publications and data for download


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