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The persied meteor shower night, 12. August 2015.


The night was clear and warm in the most of Croatia. The Perseid shower was active, but most perseids were faint thus dissapointing the general public. Occasional, a bright perseid could be seen, with a final flare and a short lived trail. The movie below was made by a fish-eye lens attached to a Canon DSLR, shoting automatically all the night long. The ISS transit was easily recorded, as were two Iridium satellite flares, and yes, two bright perseids were captured too. The horizon had to be nasked out due to extreme light pollution there.


038.jpg, 57kB

The ISS in transit over Croatia.


149.jpg, 45kB

The Iridium satellite flare. The iridium satellites are usually quite faint, but when their solar panels (two of the size of a door) align properly, a very bright flare can be seen, lasting several seconds.


205.jpg, 43kB

The brightest perseid recorded in this night.


The all-night time-lapse movie.


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